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How Long Does it Take For Civil Cases to Get to Trial In Ontario

As indicated below, relatively few civil trials are held each year in Ontario. Party as a result, the average age of a case making it to trial in 2019 in Toronto was almost 5 years and 9 months (5.73 years), with a standard deviation of 1.49 years. The average age of cases at bench trials was somewhat lower, at about 4 years 4 months (4.35 years), though the standard deviation was higher at 2.4 years. The underlying data, obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests, from which these statistics was extracted is set forth below.

See Constituent Data Below:

* Average time to trial calculated by taking the year (first two digits after CV), finding average of same and then subtracting from 19. Average may be off slightly, given trials start at various times of the year. Calculations trusted to Excel.

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