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Hamilton and Toronto Malpractice Lawyers

At times in our lives we need to put our confidence in various types of professionals such as doctors, lawyers, investment brokers, or real estate agents. We trust that they will act on our behalf to provide the best possible care and advice. In fact, these professionals are required by law to provide a certain standard of care and conduct. But what happens if they fail to do so and you suffer as a result? In Ontario, there may be grounds for a malpractice suit.

If you or a loved one or your business has suffered on behalf of the negligence or malpractice of a professional contact Michael’s Law Firm. Our malpractice lawyers will assess your case and develop a winning strategy to help you earn back what you deserve.

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What is Malpractice?

Malpractice occurs when a professional causes injury, loss, or damages through the failure to exercise the legally established reasonable standard of care within their profession. Malpractice can apply to lawyers, medical practitioners like doctors and nurses, engineers, real estate agents, and other professionals.

Our Malpractice Legal Services

Legal Malpractice

A lawyer has the duty to act in Good Faith on behalf of their client with honesty, fairness, integrity, and fidelity. The most common areas of legal malpractice in Ontario are negligent errors, undue influence, fee disputes, and breach of attorney-client privilege. The malpractice lawyers of Michael’s Law Firm can help assess your grounds for a legal malpractice claim. We specialize in all types of legal malpractice, including corporate, personal injury, and probate malpractice.

Medical Malpractice

A medical malpractice lawyer can help you determine if your doctor, dentist, nurse, or other medical professional deviated from the standards in his or her profession causing injury to you. At Michael’s Law Firm we represent clients making medical malpractice claims in Toronto, Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. Call us to discuss the details of your potential medical malpractice case and we can provide a confidential assessment.

Investment Advisor and Broker Malpractice

Financial advisors and investment brokers are required to meet Canadian security laws within a very heavily regulated industry in order to protect your hard earned assets. If you feel that your broker did not provide fiduciary duty and act solely in your interest as the beneficiary, you may be entitled to a malpractice law suit. The experience malpractice lawyers of Michael’s Law Firm in Toronto and Hamilton can provide a confidential assessment of your case.

Other Cases of Professional Malpractice

Other types of malpractice that our lawyers may be able to help with include real estate malpractice and engineer malpractice.

Contact our Malpractice Lawyers in Toronto and Hamilton

If you believe you have suffered injury or damages because of the advice or actions of a professional call the trusted malpractice lawyers of Michael’s Law Firm at 647-495-8995.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Malpractices

In Ontario, malpractice refers to a situation where a professional fails to meet the standard of care expected in their profession, leading to harm or loss to their client. This can occur in various fields, including legal, engineering and accounting professions. It involves actions that are negligent, incompetent, or exhibit a lack of due diligence.
The standard limitation period for filing a malpractice suit in Ontario is two (2) years from the date the claimant discovered or ought to have discovered the facts upon which the malpractice is based. However, the specific circumstances of each case can affect this period, and there are exceptions, so it’s important to consult with a professional negligence lawyer to determine the exact time limits applicable to your situation.
The amount you can sue for malpractice in Canada depends on the specifics of the case, including the severity of the harm or loss suffered and the extent of the professional’s negligence. For precise figures and a detailed assessment, consulting with a lawyer is essential.
The duration of malpractice cases can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case, the amount of evidence, the parties involved, and the legal process required. Some cases may be resolved within a few months if a settlement is reached, while others, particularly those that go to trial, can take several years to conclude.
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