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How to Get Access to the No-Fault Benefits You Deserve

Recent changes to Ontario law have made it much more difficult for injured people to access the medical and rehabilitative benefits they need (and paid for) after an accident. For many people, this severely limits the amount of chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy or physiotherapy available, to the $3,500.00 prescribed under the minor injury guideline.

Are your no-fault benefits exhausted but you still require treatment? Here are general guidelines on what you should do to access the no-fault benefits that you need and deserve.

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  • Take your treatment plan (from the chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc.) to your family doctor for discussion. Does your family doctor think the proposed treatment is “medically reasonable and necessary?” If so, would they give you a prescription for it?
  • If your symptoms continue, it is important to follow up with your family doctor (even if you’re primarily receiving treatment from a chiropractor, or physiotherapist). Typically, family doctors are afforded a great level of deference in the legal system, and insurance companies know this.
  • Likewise, if your symptoms persist, ask your family doctor whether a referral to a specialist, such as a neurologist, physiatrist or orthopaedic surgeon might be appropriate?
  • If you’re suffering from pain, and can’t stop thinking about the accident, or have developed a fear of driving, or of being a passenger, ask your doctor to write you a prescription for psychological counselling. Sometimes, it’s helpful just to have someone to talk to, especially someone who may have cutting edge coping/adjusting strategies. Due to a ‘quirk’ in the law, this may also help you secure further physical rehabilitation, whether chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy etc.

For more information, please visit our car accident page and our no-fault benefits page. You can also call our Toronto or Hamilton offices at 647-495-8995 to speak with a lawyer at Michael’s Law Firm.

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