Ramon (Ray) Rivera,

Ramon Rivera, Owner LREB Florida Casa Realty

As a real estate broker we encountered a transaction where we needed the expertise of a litigation attorney to help us collect a disputed commission. The transaction was very complicated and we needed an attorney that would be extremely thorough. After interviewing several attorney’s we settled on Michael Lesage, ESQ., as our legal representative. To our good fortune it was the best decision we made. In short order, Michael prepared a plan and worked tirelessly, including many late evenings interviewing us, reviewing the documents, case history, and real estate law. During our second final hearing Michael prepared the most skillful, articulate case defense that the hearing judge awarded us an acceptable settlement. The way Michael kept his calm and was able to help us understand the law made the process easier for us. We miss having Michael as our corporate General Counsel and any firm or individual needing a client committed attorney will find no other like Michael Lesage, ESQ., I highly recommend Michael and available to anyone wishing to speaking to me directly about my admiration and respect for Michael.

Ramon (Ray) Rivera, Owner-LREB Florida Casa Realty