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Sample Case Results for Michael’s Law Firm

Injunction –Secured a Court Order appointing a Receiver and directing the Sheriff to seize all assets of a transportation company, resulting in approximately 20 buses and shuttles being pulled off the road and impounded.
Summary – JudgmentDefeated Defendant’s motion for summary judgment on a multi-million dollar claim involving a minor who suffered severe brain injuries.
$295,000.00 –Settlement for soft tissue and psychological injuries in a claim involving professional negligence.
$210,000.00 –Settlement for soft tissue injuries where my client was injured in a truck accident.
$140,000.00 –Settlement on a long term disability claim.
$110,000.00 –Settlement of a property insurance claim.
$80,000.00 –Arbitration award recovered concerning a disputed Real Estate commission.
$57,500.00 –Automobile Accident – soft tissue injuries sustained by a cyclist to his shoulder.
$57,000.00 –Life Insurance – obtained a Court Order determining that the value of a life insurance policy was $55,000.00, rather than the $25,000.00 claimed by AFLAC (the extra $2,000.00 constituted interest due and owing).
$55,000.00 –Personal Injury – soft tissue injuries to a woman’s arm suffered at a large Canadian retailer.
$40,000.00 –Automobile Accident – soft tissue injuries to a woman’s lower back.
$30,000.00– Dog attack resulting in injuries to a woman’s mouth and jaw.
$25,000.00 –No fault benefits recovered after 2 days at a Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) hearing.
$20,000.00 –Psychological injuries resulting from schoolyard bullying.
$20,000.00 –Reimbursement obtained from an insurer who wrongfully refused to defend my client from a lawsuit.

* Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and that the amount recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases. In litigated claims, guarantees as to outcomes are not given.

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