Sample Case Results for Michael’s Law Firm

Injunction – Secured a Court Order appointing a Receiver and directing the Sheriff to seize all assets of a transportation company, resulting in approximately 20 buses and shuttles being pulled off the road and impounded.
Summary – Judgment Defeated Defendant’s motion for summary judgment on a multi-million dollar claim involving a minor who suffered severe brain injuries.
$295,000.00 – Settlement for soft tissue and psychological injuries in a claim involving professional negligence
$210,000.00 – Settlement for soft tissue injuries where my client was injured in a truck accident.
$140,000.00 – Settlement on a long term disability claim.
$110,000.00 – Settlement of a property insurance claim.
$80,000.00 – Arbitration award recovered concerning a disputed Real Estate commission.
$57,500.00 – Automobile Accident – soft tissue injuries sustained by a cyclist to his shoulder.
$57,000.00 – Life Insurance – obtained a Court Order determining that the value of a life insurance policy was $55,000.00, rather than the $25,000.00 claimed by AFLAC (the extra $2,000.00 constituted interest due and owing).
$55,000.00 – Personal Injury – soft tissue injuries to a woman’s arm suffered at a large Canadian retailer.
$40,000.00 – Automobile Accident – soft tissue injuries to a woman’s lower back.
$30,000.00 – Dog attack resulting in injuries to a woman’s mouth and jaw.
$25,000.00 – No fault benefits recovered after 2 days at a Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) hearing.
$20,000.00 – Psychological injuries resulting from schoolyard bullying.
$20,000.00 – Reimbursement obtained from an insurer who wrongfully refused to defend my client from a lawsuit.