Legal Fees and Services Information

At Michael’s Law Firm,  we try to be flexible in terms of our fee arrangements. For some types of cases, specifically personal injury and select insurance related cases (where documented damages are high enough), fees are typically handled on a ‘contingency basis,’ meaning there are never any upfront or monthly fees (cases are financed by the firm until resolution). In cases handled on contingency, our fees are simply a percentage of any money recovered. This means that we don’t get paid unless we recover money for you. For some other matters, such as business disputes, a pure or ‘mixed‘ contingency fee arrangement may be possible, depending upon the specific facts and circumstances of your case (along with the underlying damages). In a typical ‘mixed’ contingency fee arrangement, fees are dependent upon us recovering money for you, while costs are paid by you as we incur them. These legal costs can include things such as Court filing fees, fees for process servers, expenses incurred, expert reports, and so on. Any form of contingency will be dependent upon the perceived credit worthiness of the defendant (in most cases, contingency representation is unlikely where the defendant is an individual without insurance coverage). If you have questions about the payment arrangements that may be available in your case, call our Toronto and Hamilton law office at 647-495-8995 to discuss your case today.

In many Commercial Litigation cases, fees are charged on an ‘hours worked’ basis. Thus, if you only need our Ontario business lawyers for a few hours to draft or review a contract, you will only pay for the actual time spent on your matter. In other cases, we offer limited scope retainers where likewise, we only charge for the work performed (typically, for one unique step or process in your matter). At your initial consultation with Michael’s Law Firm, we will explain how this fee arrangement works in further detail.

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