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Commercial and Business Insurance Lawyers Toronto & Hamilton ON

When you purchased your business insurance policy, you struck a deal with your insurer. In exchange for the payment of premiums, your insurer agreed to offer protection in the event of a ‘rainy day.’ Unfortunately, when that rainy day came, your insurance company offered little more than condolences, platitudes, and denials… At Michael’s Firm, that’s just not good enough.

At Michael’s Firm, our Hamilton and Toronto lawyers know insurance and represent policyholders in insurance matters involving loss or damage to business property and loss of business income. Our Ontario insurance lawyers also help with coverage disputes, where policyholders are sued by third parties, but their insurers have failed to defend and indemnify them, in breach of their obligations under their commercial insurance policies.

If your business has suffered a serious financial loss as a result of an unexpected event such as, but not limited to, storms, winds, fire, vandalism or other occurrences, your first call should be to the experienced insurance lawyers at Michael’s Law Firm, who can work towards getting you the coverage and reimbursement that you need and deserve to be paid for.

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Commercial Insurance Policy Coverage

A typical business insurance policy will provide some or all of the following types of coverages (this list is not exhaustive):

  • General Liability including Product Liability and Advertising Injury;
  • Buildings and Equipment;
  • Contents and Inventory;
  • Business Interruption;
  • Equipment Breakdown

To determine which coverages you have, our insurance lawyers will need to review your insurance policy, as well as your ‘Certificate of Insurance’ or ‘Declarations Page’.

More Information on Making a Business Insurance Claim

As our business and insurance lawyers handle a significant amount of insurance claims, we have tried to provide a number of resources to help consumers with the insurance claims process.

While each article covers a slightly different area of insurance law, the same general principles apply:

If your business faces an unexpected loss caused by an unexpected event, call Hamilton and Toronto business insurance lawyer Michael Lesage at 647-495-8995 today for a confidential assessment of your case.

Our insurance lawyers will analyze your business insurance claim and advise you of what actions you need to take to protect your rights under your insurance policy.

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