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sad woman disappointed by life insurance claimLife Insurance Claims Lawyer in Ontario

The unexpected death of a loved one is a very traumatic experience. A life insurance policy is meant to help alleviate the financial pressures following the death of a loved one. But what are your legal options when your life insurance company has denied your claim?

Asking a professional insurance claims lawyer to take a second look at your denied claim for life insurance coverage can make a huge difference.

Our Toronto and Hamilton life insurance policy lawyers can review your claim and deal with your insurance provider so that you can properly mourn without worrying.

Call Michael Lesage at 647-495-8995 today for a confidential assessment of your case

Upon discussing your life insurance claims case, our lawyers will:

  • Interpret your life insurance policy
  • Work with claims executives, examiners, adjusters on your behalf
  • Meet the strict deadlines for insurance claims
  • Fight for what is rightfully yours

In many cases, insurers try to deny life insurance claims simply because it is more profitable than paying them. They will provide all sorts of reasons and justifications for such denials, often using legal terms that are confusing and hard to understand. In many cases, they have wrongfully denied your claim.

If you think that your life insurance company has wrongfully denied payment, you deserve an experienced insurance lawyer to fight for your rights as the beneficiary. For close to ten years, I have been litigating insurance claims and helping my clients get what they deserve.

If your claim for life insurance proceeds has been denied, call Hamilton’s Michael Lesage at 647-495-8995 today for a confidential assessment of your case. There are no fees unless I win or settle your life insurance claim.

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