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Ontario Property Insurance Claim Denials

You made the decision to insure your property, comfortable in the knowledge that in the event of a loss, you would be protected. But what happens when a loss occurs and your insurance company denies your property insurance claim form? In some cases the law authorizes their rejection (such as in misrepresentation in the application) but in many cases the property insurance claim denial is unjustified. This is when an experienced property insurance claim lawyer is needed.

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What is a Property Insurance Claim?

If you hold property insurance, you may need to make a property insurance claim at some point to help cover the costs of damage to the property. Some common Ontario property insurance claim examples include:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Accidents and injury
  • Theft and dishonesty
  • Business interruption
  • Building damage

Each Ontario property insurance policy is unique and coverage needs to be reviewed on an individual basis. The merit of your property insurance claim dispute depends on the details in your policy.

The Property Insurance Claim Process

Here is a general example of the property insurance claim procedure in Ontario:

If you have suffered property damage, you should report it to your insurance company (not your insurance broker, but the actual insurance company – check your policy for where to report a claim). Your insurance company may send out an adjuster, or require you to submit a ‘Proof of Loss’ form.  In certain cases, an insurer will behave aggressively, and require you to submit to ‘an examination under oath.’  If this is happening, you should contact an insurance lawyer immediately.

The amount of time it takes to resolve a property insurance claim can vary from case to case.  However, because you often have only a limited time to report the claim (in certain instances only months), you should start the process as early as possible.

In What Cases Would a Property Insurance Claim Be Rejected?

Some of the reasons your insurance company may reject your property insurance claim include:

  • Your insurance company deems your loss ‘suspicious’
  • Your loss is significant. The higher the loss amount, the more likely your insurer will try to make it fit within a policy exclusion.
  • Your loss is excluded by a specific policy exclusion.
  • Your insurance company is unsure of the cause of the loss.

Contact Our GTA Property Insurance Claim Lawyers –
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If your homeowner and property insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim or failed to pay your claim, you need an experienced insurance lawyer to fight for you.

For close to ten years, I have been litigating insurance claims. If you need property insurance claim help call our Toronto and Hamilton law offices today at 647-495-8995 for a confidential assessment of your case.

There are no fees unless Michael’s Law Firm wins or settles your case.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Property Insurance Claim Denials

If your property damage claim is denied, review the insurer’s reasons and your policy to understand the basis for denial. Gather all relevant documentation and evidence supporting your claim. It may be beneficial to consult with a lawyer who specializes in property insurance claims to evaluate your case and advise on the best course of action, which may include negotiating with the insurer or pursuing legal action.
To reduce the chances of a claim denial, ensure that you accurately disclose all relevant information when applying for insurance and keep your policy updated with any significant changes to your property. Regularly review your policy to understand your coverage. Document and maintain records of your property’s condition, and promptly report any damages or losses to your insurer, providing detailed information and evidence.
An insurance claim lawyer can help by reviewing your policy and the insurer’s reasons for denial to determine if the decision can be contested. They can assist in gathering and presenting evidence, negotiating with the insurance company, and, if necessary, representing you in legal proceedings to challenge the denial and seek the compensation you’re entitled to under your policy.
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