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Ontario Property and Real Estate Litigation Services

The purchase of residential or commercial real estate represents a significant investment. However, it is not without risk. Properties can have hidden construction defects, liens or encumbrances, be subject to environmental contamination, by-law Orders and development charges or otherwise have problems with title. In many cases, coverage of these issues will be wrongly denied by your title insurance company (assuming you purchased Title Insurance). If you have experienced any of these issues with your real estate property purchase, you need the services of an experienced property dispute lawyer or real estate litigator in Ontario.

Whether you are a homeowner, developer or commercial landlord, you can rely on the skilled real estate litigation lawyers of Michael’s Law Firm to bring justice and resolution to your case.

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What Services Does Michael’s Law Firm Provide?

Michael’s Law Firm handles real estate litigation where problems have arisen after the purchase of real estate, such as encumbrances against title or title defects, improper denials by title insurance, disputes over entitlement to real estate commissions and/or deposits.

Examples of Real Estate Litigation in Canada

Our real estate litigation lawyers in Toronto and Hamilton are ready to help in all types of real estate disputes and scenarios, including:

  • Real estate development and construction
  • Management and leasing of real estate
  • Commercial purchase and sale agreements
  • Zoning, entitlements, and implied easement
  • Construction bidding, overrun costs, construction defects and delays
  • Liens, over loan commitments, loan defaults, associated debt, collateral recovery
  • Professional negligence with real estate agents
  • Retail tenant rent disputes, repair, restoration, rights for first refusal
  • Trespass, encroachment, nuisance, equitable considerations
  • Special real estate insurance rights (title and builder’s risk policies)
  • Disputed real estate broker commissions

Call Our Ontario Property Lawyers Today

Often issues with real estate and property can tie into professional negligence/legal malpractice and title insurance. As an Ontario lawyer concentrating in complex commercial litigation, professional negligence and insurance coverage disputes, Michael Lesage is your real estate litigation lawyer of choice known for his excellence, expertise, and experience.

Call 647-495-8995 or contact us online to tell us about your real estate dispute and find out how our property lawyers can help.

Remember, there are no fees unless Michael’s Law Firm wins or settles your case.

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