News and Media Appearances by Michael Lesage

Michael’s Law Firm is in the news. For a list of media appearances and citations, see the articles and links below:

Buyer beware when it comes to hiring a contractor for household renovations

See the full clip here.

Note: This clip originally appeared in the Nov 26, 2018 issue of Channel Zero Inc..

The erosion of contingency based representation

The Lawyer’s Daily published my article on the structural factors impacting upon people’s ability to retain a lawyer on contingency here.

Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure need updating

Michael Lesage writes about the need to modernize Civil Procedure in Canadian Lawyer, which you can read here.

Court of Appeal decision shuts many out

Michael Lesage’s article on a recent Court of Appeals decision was published by The Law Times, which you can read here.

Firm in $1.7-million dispute with insurer

Michael Lesage is quoted in the January 21, 2019 issue of Law Times on insurance law, which you can find here.

Access to Justice: View from the trenches

See Michael Lesage’s column on problems with Ontario’s judicial system, first published by the Lawyer’s Daily, a division of LexisNexis, here.

Court of Appeal allows negligence claim against law firm

Michael Lesage is quoted in the December 17, 2018 issue of Law Times, which you can find here.

Court of Appeal decision has bizarre implications for insurance law – The Lawyer’s Daily

Michael Lesage is quoted in an article that has significant implications to the field of insurance law.

See the full article here.

Note: This article originally appeared in the Sep 17, 2018 issue of The Lawyer’s Daily.

LSO boldly leaps into the ’20th Century’ – Advocate Daily

Michael Lesage is quoted in an article that gently pokes fun at the poor adoption of technology within the Court system. See the full article here.

Debate Heats Up On Paralegals in Family Law – Law Times

Michael Lesage is actively involved in the recent debate of whether paralegals should be allowed to practice certain areas of Family Law in Ontario. He recently introduced a motion calling on the Law Society of Upper Canada to release findings of any reports relevant to its review of whether the scope of family law should be broadened to allow paralegals to practice. Lesage urges the law society to take its time in reviewing the issues in-depth before making any changes. See the full article here.

Note: This article originally appeared in the May 15, 2017 issue of Law Times.

Courts reluctant to interfere with written beneficiary designations

The Lawyer’s Daily printed Michael Lesage’s  article about the Moore v. Sweet, 2017 ONCA 182 case on April 5, 2017, which you can find here.

OCA adds complexity to summary judgment process

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision adds more complexity to the summary judgment process, Michael Lesage tells Advocate Daily. Read more here.

Ignoring best practices can mean cost consequences

Michael Lesage was quoted in the above article by Judy Van Rhijn that was published in the October 3, 2016 edition of Law Times.

Cloud technology could reduce costs, better service clients

Ontario’s lawyers need to collaborate on their own standard for using Cloud technology, says Toronto litigator Michael Lesage. Read why here.

Late Accident Report Doesn’t Always Forfeit Coverage – The Lawyer’s Weekly

Michael Lesage recently authored an article published in The Lawyers Weekly regarding an Ontario Court of Appeal decision that technical non-compliance with reporting requirements of an insurance policy would not act as a bar to coverage. Read the full article here.

Note: This article originally appeared in the June 24, 2016 issue of The Lawyers Weekly.

Niagara Region Lawyer Wants Former Firm to Pay Up – Law Times

Michael Lesage gives his opinion as a legal malpractice lawyer regarding a  Niagara Region lawyer’s $5-million claim for negligence and breach of contract. Read the full article here.

Note: This article originally appeared in the June 6, 2016 issue of Law Times.

Don’t delay calling a lawyer after an accident –

The long-term impact of injuries can’t always be recognized at the outset and, as a result, many accident victims delay contacting a lawyer to their own detriment. Read why here.

Lessons to be learned in limitations malpractice –

An Ontario Court of Appeal decision which allows a Toronto couple’s case against their former lawyer to proceed for failing to file an injury claim within the time limit is a caution to the profession. See the article here.

Judge rules law firm in the clear – Law Times

Michael Lesage was quoted in Law Times where a law firm was sued under a theory of vicarious liability for the actions of an of counsel lawyer. You can read the story

LSUC poised to dictate how law firms are run –

The Law Society of Upper Canada is seeking submissions on a proposal that could change the way law firms are run and further dictate how legal services are provided in Ontario, says Greater Toronto Area lawyer Michael Lesage. Read why this is important.

Insurance coverage not forfeit by technical non-compliance –

A recent Court of Appeal decision reaffirms an important principle in insurance law — insurers may not deny insurance coverage based on a policy holder’s non-compliance with technical policy provisions. Read why this is good news.

Title insurer ordered to provide coverage – also picked up my title insurance article, which can be found here.

Title insurer ordered to provide coverage –

Advocate daily published an article based on my blog post concerning title insurance coverage. You can read the full article here.

Landlords obligated to ensure rental properties are safe – CanLII Connects

A recent article quoting Michael Lesage on landlord liability was picked up by CanLII Connects. You can read the full article here.

Parental Liability Article Shared on

A recent article written by Michael Lesage for his own blog was recently re-published by Do you know that as a parent you may be legally responsible for bullying in Ontario? Read the article here.

Ontario Courts Must Join the Digital Age – Advocate Daily

Practising law in the United States then moving back to Ontario was like “replacing my iPhone with a carrier pigeon” in terms of the ease of the administration of justice, says Toronto civil litigator Michael Lesage. Read the article here.

Michael Lesage – Bencher 2015 Candidate – Law Times

Michael Lesage’s 2015 Bencher Candidate Platform was posted on Law Times, but they have apparently taken the page down.

Michael B. Lesage – Ontario Bar Association

First licensed in Florida in 2006, I was called to the Ontario bar in 2012 and recently started my own firm, with an emphasis on personal injury and business law. Including law school, I’ve worked in 3 jurisdictions, and have seen things that work, and things that work better. My relative youth, small firm background and international experience would bring some much needed diversity to Convocation. Read more here.

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