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Client Testimonials for Michael’s Law Firm

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I was lucky when I retained Michael Lesage to help me with my legal issues. He is the ultimate professional and I would (and have) strongly recommend retaining Mr. Lesage to help you with any legal problems you might have, whether business or personal.

Dr. Ben Storey

Rod Tuazon
Michael cares for his clients as he always makes me feel that he stands up for my rights and takes care of me until the end. He is an asset to anyone who utilizes his services and I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Lesage to anyone who seeks legal advice and representation.

Rod Tuazon

Michelle Seeley
I was relieved that Michael was there to help. Michael’s knowledge, compassion and attention to detail helped to make a difficult situation bearable. Michael is articulate, understanding, and he took the time to answer my questions and explain what was going to happen next and what actions I needed to take.

Michele Seeley

Tyler Kirkland
Michael Lesage is a fantastic attorney. His work is outstanding. He is driven, focused, sharp and dependable. My family and I received excellent professional legal service and we are forever grateful for the work he did.  I would recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice.

Tyler Kirkland

Richard Obuhowich
We have worked with Mike Lesage for several years now and he has provided excellent legal services. He’s helped us setup complex contracts with public sector organizations, draft software licensing agreements, and deal with the many miscellaneous legal issues that typically arise over the course of operating a business.
He has consistently provided us with valuable legal advice, arrived at by thoughtfully weighing all options. We would not hesitate to recommend him any other business.

Richard Obuhowich, B.Eng, President of 3terra

Ramon (Ray) Rivera,
As a real estate broker we encountered a transaction where we needed the expertise of a litigation attorney to help us collect a disputed commission. The transaction was very complicated and we needed an attorney that would be extremely thorough. After interviewing several attorney’s we settled on Michael Lesage, ESQ., as our legal representative. To our good fortune it was the best decision we made. In short order, Michael prepared a plan and worked tirelessly, including many late evenings interviewing us, reviewing the documents, case history, and real estate law. During our second final hearing Michael prepared the most skillful, articulate case defense that the hearing judge awarded us an acceptable settlement. The way Michael kept his calm and was able to help us understand the law made the process easier for us. We miss having Michael as our corporate General Counsel and any firm or individual needing a client committed attorney will find no other like Michael Lesage, ESQ., I highly recommend Michael and available to anyone wishing to speaking to me directly about my admiration and respect for Michael.

Ramon (Ray) Rivera, Owner-LREB Florida Casa Realty

John and Tina Golloher
We highly recommend Michael Lesage, he truly comes as advertised. My Wife and I were caught in a long drawn out civil action over an asset purchase agreement that lasted almost 5 years. We had previously changed lawyers 3 times and were in a dire situation less than 2 months from trial. We needed someone who cared about their clients, was ethical, knowledgeable, dedicated, and affordable. After endless searching we found Michael’s Law Firm, contacted him, and were amazed by his dedication to our file.  He was well informed within a few weeks and did more work in 6 weeks than the other firms did over 5 years. He contacted all witnesses, studied the transcripts, documents, talked with us constantly, and made excellent use of all resources available. At trial, we had to face an Expert Business Valuator, without our own Expert due to time constraints and cost. Michael’s knowledge in finance, his focused examination skill, and his exceptional use of available resources, turned their Expert Witness into our best witness. It was a major factor in us reaching an agreeable settlement. Michael’s Law Firm did not take advantage of our situation by over charging for his service, but in fact offered a more than reasonable rate.

John & Tina Golloher, Business Litigation Clients

Tina Campbell
I cannot say enough about having Michael Lesage as my lawyer! I found him during a very difficult and stressful time and was so nervous about finding a good lawyer after having a few bad experiences. The experience that I had with Michael eased ALL of that anxiety for me! He worked very very hard on my settlement and was very reassuring and truly cared about my situation. I always knew what was going on with my case as he always kept me updated with phone calls, emails and everything that was pertained to my case. I cannot say enough. I truly feel that he gave me back some restoration and healing in my life out of something that was a source of pain and I truly feel I was vindicated with him winning the settlement and all the hard work and care he has put into my case. I highly recommend Michael Lesage as a lawyer and if you would like someone who is thorough and who truly cares about your case and you as a person than this is the man to go to!!! I did not worry about his ability to win my case. This man knows his law and with professionalism and knowledge and expertise!!! I am so very thankful that I have found him and I am honoured to have him as my lawyer! Sincerely and forever grateful,

Tina Campbell, Litigation Client

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