Restaurant, Bar & Tavern Liability in Ontario

Restaurants and bars, along with others who sell alcohol, are responsible to ensure that individuals on their premises are not over served, or injured through acts of aggression or violence.

Accordingly, bar staff must be trained to be aware of a customer’s level of intoxication, and seek to be aware of any aggression towards guests. If an obviously intoxicated customer injures another, whether at the bar, or on the drive home, the bar can be held responsible.

beer siting on restaurant bar

Likewise, if you’re injured by the bouncers or other bar staff, the bar can be held responsible for your injuries. Ejecting you is one thing, but hurting you is another.

If you or a loved one was recently injured at a bar or by an intoxicated bar patron you may need legal advice. Connect with our GTA personal injury lawyers for an initial consult by filing out our Case Evaluation form. There are no legal fees unless we can win or settle your case.

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